Illustration Studio Thursdays

This is what the spirit animal for D&D nerds looks like.

Hokay, just a quick update to show ya’ll what I’ve been working on this week. Originally, this was going to be an oil painting, but it wouldn’t have dried before today, so I had to slap this baby together, and fortunately, people seemed to have liked it.

It’s a little hard to tell, but this is Frank Frazetta as his famous “Death Dealer,” notably featured on the album cover for Molly Hatchet, and also the mascot for these guys:

Bizarre? You bet. Enjoy the weekend, everyone.

Children’s Theater Posters

Why does classic piglet look like a bunny?

I feel pretty ridiculous right now, as these are two illustrations of four I did for my Senior Illustration Studio, that was picked by a children’s theater for their season guides. However, as much as I’d like to link the theater in this post, somehow, I can neither remember more than a name that resembled “Broadway Children’s Theater,”  nor find any Google matches that can be the right theater. I’ll try and remember to edit this when the I receive the flyers, that will (I should hope) have the name of the appropriate theater, and link it then.