Shameful WIP Time

Hello folks, it’s time for a works in progress blog update:


This is about as rough as I let anybody see my projects, and I have to admit, my pencils can get smudgy, but a lot of the smudges this time resulted in my poor placement of them within a large sketch pad, where another old pencil drawing left its smudges, and my new pages picked up the slack. As for my bear, once the blocked in objects are cleaned up, I hope to put them in a cel-style coloring while the bear remains the only thing with high detail. It’s the mascot for my studio, and this is the digital postcard. I hope to release a comic theme postcard and a watercolor postcard, so I have postcards that represent each field and media I like to work in.


Next week, the inks should be dry on the last piece I posted here, but hopefully, I’ll have both of these pages done, with any luck. Then, because my heart is young but my soul is old, I need to order ziptones to finish them off. No digital toning for me. Because I’m a masochist.


But you’re not really an artist if you’re not a masochist, am I right? Enjoy your weekends, everyone.