The Nightcrawlers Vol. 1 Coming 2022!

Hey all! Soooo, come big news –

My very first published graphic novel, The Nightcrawlers, is coming to to shelves from Ablaze this year!

After an unreal crowdfunding campaign, several creator interviews, not to mention many years of pitching, I’m really excited to say that The Nightcrawlers is finally gonna be *a thing* you can pick up and read. Te story follows a group of young orphans, taken in by a mysterious, aging Old Hollywood star, who discover that not everything in the neighborhood is quite as it seems. And considering they’ve all been orphaned by unusual circumstances… Well, that’s something you’ll have to read about for yourselves!

It’s very nice to sweep off the dust from this home page with something huge – I’m admittedly not the best at updating this front page, since I don’t think anybody stops to check it out, but it’s important to me to memorialize something I’ve only dreamed about doing since I was a kid. Speaking of kids, it’s also unreal to think that maybe, possibly (?), a kid will pick up this book, and make a huge difference to them. It was important to me and Marco, the writer, to represent a wide swath of kids, from different backgrounds and life experiences, and it’s my hope that there will be a favorite character for everyone. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself since there’s still so much work to do, but I want 2022 to be a real landmark year for art. If you’re checking out this post, take a look at our Bleeding Cool interview, and I can’t wait for you to hold our book in your hands!

Here’s to 2022!