Delinquent Valkyrie

Hey there ya’ll, it’s been a while. But, I have returned with art.

I’ve started working on a project with a writer, and this is a promo page we’re submitting to a small, quaint comics festival, for funsies (and portfolio purposes, of course). Hopefully, as we continue with the project, I will be posting more samples, but for now, please enjoy the one page promo of Delinquent Valkyrie.

Shameful WIP Time

Hello folks, it’s time for a works in progress blog update:


This is about as rough as I let anybody see my projects, and I have to admit, my pencils can get smudgy, but a lot of the smudges this time resulted in my poor placement of them within a large sketch pad, where another old pencil drawing left its smudges, and my new pages picked up the slack. As for my bear, once the blocked in objects are cleaned up, I hope to put them in a cel-style coloring while the bear remains the only thing with high detail. It’s the mascot for my studio, and this is the digital postcard. I hope to release a comic theme postcard and a watercolor postcard, so I have postcards that represent each field and media I like to work in.


Next week, the inks should be dry on the last piece I posted here, but hopefully, I’ll have both of these pages done, with any luck. Then, because my heart is young but my soul is old, I need to order ziptones to finish them off. No digital toning for me. Because I’m a masochist.


But you’re not really an artist if you’re not a masochist, am I right? Enjoy your weekends, everyone.

Comic Dump

So in realization of not having any comic samples up here that I would normally tote around, it’s time for me to fix that!

This was done a time ago.
Done an even longer time ago, when I had physical screentones.
Just the pencils. This one is about a year old.
Much more recent.

A scene in color.
And this is just two characters for the hell of it.

As I work on my senior thesis for the remainder of my semester, I hope there will be more added very soon. If only my teacher would get back to me on where to start.

Children’s Graphic Novel

Hullo again. I’ve been intending to post these while they were in progress, but my laziness (and finals) had gotten the better of me, so here are the completed works from my children’s book class. I wrote the story, and while many others wrote their own, I ended up being the only one doing a comic, so it was a little awkward, since I think I was also the first in the class to ever do so. Therefore, there were a lot of conflicting things about the deadline, considering it takes a lot of time to make a comic page. It’s hard enough making a regular illustration, but you have to compose panels, arrange the panels for page composition and clarity, etc., etc. If anything, it was at least enjoyable to make a watercolor comic, since I’ve always wanted to, as well as being able to draw squishy, marshmallowy animals. Not to mention the story is about THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP.

These pages aren’t in sequence, so don’t try to read too much into it. We’re assembling the final book dummies and a complete submissions packet, so who knows, maybe one day, with enough polish, I’ll send these in.

Illustration Studio Thursdays

This is what the spirit animal for D&D nerds looks like.

Hokay, just a quick update to show ya’ll what I’ve been working on this week. Originally, this was going to be an oil painting, but it wouldn’t have dried before today, so I had to slap this baby together, and fortunately, people seemed to have liked it.

It’s a little hard to tell, but this is Frank Frazetta as his famous “Death Dealer,” notably featured on the album cover for Molly Hatchet, and also the mascot for these guys:

Bizarre? You bet. Enjoy the weekend, everyone.

Children’s Theater Posters

Why does classic piglet look like a bunny?

I feel pretty ridiculous right now, as these are two illustrations of four I did for my Senior Illustration Studio, that was picked by a children’s theater for their season guides. However, as much as I’d like to link the theater in this post, somehow, I can neither remember more than a name that resembled “Broadway Children’s Theater,”  nor find any Google matches that can be the right theater. I’ll try and remember to edit this when the I receive the flyers, that will (I should hope) have the name of the appropriate theater, and link it then.

Up and running (sort of)

Hello everyone,

I’m slowly getting used to this whole blogging thing (and editing; endless, endless editing), so bear with me as the blog goes up. Hopefully, I’ll start putting some images up soon, and linking this to the portfolio site (still in progress).